Rakalj area - panorama
Rakalj area - panorama
Rakalj area - panorama
Rakalj area - panorama
Rakalj area - panorama

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humidity: 100%
sunrise: 07:13
sunset: 16:28
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RAKALJ, small Istrian town, located about 20 kilometers from Pula, in the eastern part of Istria. It was first mentioned in the 1190th, was once known for its traditional Istrian pottery, by sailors and fishermen, and by the masons and stone processing.

Old Rakalj, located near the sea, on a hill along the coast of the Rasa Bay, where it spreads a beautiful view over the Kvarner and Rasa bay that will leave you breathless. Beside the ruins of the old Rakalj there is old church St. Agnes from the 1495th.


Location and surroundings are rich in flora and fauna, as you can see from pictures. Rakalj offers the beautiful scenery and the clean sea, sun and tranquility away from the seaside crowds, and many beautiful beaches which can offer you a sense of freedom and intimacy.

Below the old Rakalj, on the coast is a restaurant called “St. Mikula“, where you can enjoy the delights of Istrian specialties, seafood and a distinguished wine.


Rakalj – center – PLACA

In the center of Rakalj, there is a typical Istrian tavern named “Placa“, which offers the traditional Istrian food, Istrian ham and cheese, grilled seafood and baked dishes (meat, fish), and the Istrian brandy and good Istrian wine.